Wood Bed Construction Guide

Most woods constructions techniques of platform bed are joining parts together using tongue and groove, rabbet and butted, mortise and tenon, doweled, corner blocked, screwed, bolted and stapled. Use the woodworking glue help for stable joining. Quality construction will make the strong and stable platform bed. At the side rails of the beds should be having support by angle iron and use wooden slats support at the center.

Height of the platform bed vary by usability. The height of the standard platform bed is about 18 – 25 inches, from the mattress to the floor. Normally we estimate from convenience of owner when sitting on the bed with feet touching the floor and knees should be in a straight line with the hips.

Complete your bed by make a pretty headboard. You may create by your self or check on the book or website for idea. The headboard can make for utilities for daily life or make for style be your self. Let’s check the Headboard Plans Page.

Best type of woods for Platform Bed

Type of wood that you can choose for made platform beds are different by geography. All woods used for making have two categories, hardwoods and softwoods. Wooden platform bed found can be made by both types. The most people make decision to select from characteristic color, texture, and grain pattern.  Actually, furniture wooden will be best if you consider about value.

Selecting Wood Furniture

The most common hardwoods used to construct furniture are ash, beech, birch, cherry,
mahogany, maple, oak, pecan, poplar, teak, and walnut. The most common softwoods used to
construct furniture are cedar, pine, and redwood. Characteristics of these woods are the

The characteristics of ash are pleasant contrasting color when stained, distinct
straight grain with open pores, toughness, heavy weight, hardness, and good shock resistance.
Ash is often used in constructing bentwood chairs.

The characteristics of beech are hardness, greater strength, good shock
resistance, and conspicuous wood rays with tiny and virtually invisible wood pores. Beech is
used for curved parts of furniture and in Scandinavian type furniture.

The characteristics of birch are hardness, weight, greater strength, beautiful
natural finish, small wood pores, and good shock resistance. Birch is used for structural and
exposed parts of furniture and veneers. It is also used as a substitute for mahogany and

The characteristics of cherry are moderate hardness, greater strength,
durability, good shock and wear resistance, rich color, and straight grain with small individual
pores. Cherry is often used as a veneer and for Provincial and Early American Furniture.

The characteristics of mahogany are even texture, medium hardness,
greater strength, heavy weight, easy to carve, beautiful finish, and predominate grain pattern
with open wood pores. Mahogany is used for veneers and carved wood pieces. It is also an
inexpensive wood that can be stained to look like more expensive woods.

The characteristics of maple are heavy weight, hardness, greater strength, good
shock resistance, and straight grain with tiny wood pores. Maple is often used in bench tops.
The grain of maple is not very beautiful, unless it is bird’s eye maple.

The characteristics of oak are heavy weight, hardness, greater strength,
durability, carvability, wearability, and striking grain pattern when stained. Oak is often used
for paneling, veneers, and solid wood furniture.

The characteristics of pecan are its greater weight, closed wood pores,
contrasting grain color when stained, hardness, and strength. Pecan is used for furniture and
wall paneling.

The characteristics of poplar are its closed wood pores, even staining,
durability, and greater strength. Poplar is often used inside of upholstered and wood furniture.

The characteristics of teak are heavy weight, expensive, greater strength,
oiliness, and toughness. Teak is often used in paneling and furniture. Teak is often found in
Oriental furniture.

The characteristics of walnut are hardness, greater strength, great stability,
expensive, heaviness, durability, carvability, and good shock resistance. Walnut is used for
veneers, paneling, and solid furniture.

Cedar is knotty, highly aromatic, moderately hard, brittle, resistant to decay,
light weight, holds paint, and (red cedar) repellent to moths. Cedar is used for unfinished and
outdoor furniture. Red cedar is used for lining drawers and chests.

Pine is soft, light weight, easy to work, less strength, and holds paint and
varnishes well. Western pine is a little harder than the other varieties of pine. Pine is used for
cabinets, unfinished furniture, outdoor furniture, and some high-quality furniture.

Redwood is light weight, moderately hard, stable, very strong, and resistant
to decay, rot, and weather. Redwood is used for outdoor furniture and unfinished furniture.

source : https://extension.usu.edu/files/publications/factsheet/HI_12.pdf

Engineered wood is choice for present, solid wood platform bed is largely a thing of the past. Someone want to find furniture that is constructed from plywood, or engineered wood as it provides strength, and also helps prevent splitting or warping. It can make for sturdy, long lasting and highly attractive furniture when used with high quality veneer.

How to know size of Platform Bed

At the first step you have to looking for when you have to buy or build the platform bed. You have to know size of people who use and location in the bedroom. Actually, we have the standard size of the bed refers to dimentions of mattress. The size of the mattress vary considerably around the world, with most countries having their own standards. Check mattress sizes from store in your country or websites. It may need to fit into furniture or a certain room size.

Check size of the bed from website


This is favorite encyclopedia website tell the basic size of the mattress around the world. If you are interested in buying or building a platform bed so this is easy information before make next step. Also, you can find out the types of platform bed. There are many websites that give details of bed size plans.

Check size of the bed from books

Beds: Outstanding Projects from One of America’s Best Craftsmen

This is a books about woodworking furniture. “BEDS” by Jeff Miller have platform bed plans and gives detailed instructions, design and material list. This book provides the design and construction of nine beds, ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels. For anyone who is planning to make a bed frame.